A Resilient Workforce is a Productive Workforce

What is Resiliency Program

Resiliency Program is a 360-degree comprehensive solution to manage Burnout Syndrome and promote a culture of well-being and adaptive thinking.

Our Mission

Our mission is centered on harnessing the powerful synergy between cutting-edge technology and transformative lifestyle changes, supplemented by nutritional support and mindfulness training.
Our primary goal is to empower individuals and groups to not only identify and acknowledge Burnout Syndrome but also to effectively combat it.

Our Focus

Our focus is on building a more productive and happier community, where individuals can truly thrive and flourish. Together, we are forging a path toward a brighter and more resilient future.

How does Resiliency Program works

Resiliency Program follows a 4 step approach to promote wellness and Resiliency

Step 1 - ASSESS (Evaluate Resiliecny)

Assess Individual Burnout/Stress and Organizational Resiliency by completing occupation based psychometric assessment

Step 2 - CRAFT (The Resiliency Plan)

Based on your assessment result, Resiliency Program will craft a personalized wellness and Resiliency Plan for the user.

Step 3 - DELIVER (Access Resiliency Plan)

Users can access the customized Resiliency Plan using Resiliency Program mobile app available on both iOS and Android.

Step 4 - TRACK

Users can access advance analytics to track progress and measure productivity

Assess Individual Resiliency

Resiliency program assess Individual Resiliency on four unique factors.
We call them Resiliency Factors


Is the excitement and satisfaction you feel for work and life.


Refers to the loss of confidence in your work and life choices.



Refers to the amount of physical and emotional energy your work and life provides or takes from you.



Is your personal drive to do get a job done, no matter what obstacles are in your way.

Assess Individual Burnout

Based on the Individual Resiliency factors (Enthusiasm, Fatigue, Motivation & Negativity) scores, Resiliency Program accesses individual burnout on the following 5 levels


The Resiliency Plan

You can access your Personalized Resiliency Plan based on their burnout level that includes:

  • Lifestyle management recommendations
  • Daily wellness reminders & workshops
  • Lifestyle changes and mindfulness training
  • Food & Diet plans for managing daily lifestyle
  • Yoga recommendations for work & home
  • Stretches & breathing techniques for work & home
  • Left brain exercises to calm you quickly
  • Recommendations on Nutritional Supplements
  • Online workshops every month to keep you going
  • Access to nutritionist
  • Access to wellness therapist

Get Started with the Resiliency Program


Resiliency Program is available for all iOS and Android devices.
Please scan the QR code below. Download and Install the Resiliency Program on your device.

Download and Install the application using the QR Code above or alternatively visit Apple or Google Play store and search for Resiliency Program.

Language Support

At present Resiliency Program supports 2 languages.
• English
• Hindi

Login into the  Resiliency Program

  • Select "Organization User" if you have been invited to the program by your organization.
  • Opt for "Invited by Doctor" if your doctor or physician has invited you to the program.
  • Choose "All Others" if you are a self-subscribed user or have been invited by an existing user.
  • Enter your registered email or phone number
  • Create your password, if you opt to log in using password by clicking “Login with Password
  • Click “Login with Auth code” if you opt to log in using one time authentication code.

Forgot your password

  • If you have forgotten your password, than request a new password reset link using the “Forgot Password” link on the Enter your password screen

NOTE : Your account will be disabled after 10 unsuccessful tries

  • Enter registered email or phone number to retrieve your password.
  • A password reset link will be emailed to your registered email.
  • For users with registered with phone number will be sent a one time authentication code. Once verified, user will be directed to the password change screen

First Time User Experience

If you are logging into the application for the first time.

  • Complete the application onboarding by providing some basic profile information. This information is used to create your comprehensive resiliency plan.

If you have logged in using your email

  • Complete the mobile number authentication screen for additional security. You can choose to skip this step.

You can always configure/ update your phone number from the settings screen.

Welcome to the Dashboard

  • On successful login into the Resiliency Program, you will be directed to the Dashboard.
  • You can scroll down on the page and learn more about burnout score and the Resiliency Factors that contribute to burnout.
  • You can take your assessment to measure burnout level and get your Resiliency (EFMN) factor scores by clicking “Begin Assessment
Bottom Application navigation menu
  • Accessing Your Resiliency Plan:
    • Click on "Plan" to view your personalized Resiliency Plan.
  • Daily Wellness Sessions:
    • Use "My Links" to access wellness session links directly from your application dashboard.
  • Managing Favorites:
    • Access your favorite content by clicking on "Favorites."
  • Searching for Wellness Content:
    • Utilize the "Search" feature to find wellness content that matches your preferences.

Access your burnout results

As soon as you complete your assessment, the Resiliency Program will calculate your burnout levels and the scores for individual Resiliency (EFMN) factors

Checking Your Resiliency Score and Factors:

  • You can easily view your resiliency score based on four key factors: Enthusiasm, Fatigue, Motivation, and Negativity.

Understanding Resiliency Factors:

  • High Enthusiasm Score = High Resiliency
  • Low Fatigue Score = High Resiliency
  • High Motivation Score = High Resiliency
  • Low Negativity Score = High Resiliency

These scores help you gauge your level of resiliency in different areas, making it easier to focus on improving your overall well-being and resilience.

Access Resiliency Plan

Accessing Your Resiliency Plan:

  • To view your Resiliency Plan, simply choose one of the following options:
    • Click the “Take me to my Resiliency Plan” link on your results page.
    • Or, click the “Plan” button located on the bottom navigation menu.

Resiliency Plan will give you access to

  • Customizing Recommendations
    • To view personalized recommendations for your lifestyle and resiliency factors (EFMN), click on the “Filter” option.
  • Personalizing Food and Diet Plans (Premium Feature)
    • Create custom food and diet plans that align with your lifestyle by clicking on the “Meal Plan” tab.
  • Embracing Lifestyle Changes
    • Discover positive habits and daily exercises to enhance your well-being by selecting the “Lifestyle Changes” tab.
  • Exploring Nutritional Supplements
    • Find recommendations for nutritional supplements to support your health and vitality by clicking on the “Nutritional Supplements” tab.
  • Mindfulness Training Options
    • Access various mindfulness training techniques across different categories through the “Mindfulness Training” tab.

Access Settings Page (Cont.)

Accessing the Settings Page
To access the settings page, simply click on the alphabet icon representing  your first name located in the top right corner of your screen.

  • Scheduling Calls with Wellness Experts (Premium Feature)
    • If you have a premium subscription, you can schedule calls with our expert nutritionist or therapist for food and diet advice or wellness questions.
  • Inviting Family Members (Premium Feature)
    • With a premium subscription, you can invite up to 3 family members to join the program for free. Please note that invited users won’t have access to premium features.
  • Managing Notifications
    • Control your wellness notifications in this section to stay updated on program activities.
  • Language Preferences
    • Easily set your preferred language for program content and communications.
  • Changing Your Mobile Number/ Change Password
    • Update your registered mobile number if needed for program-related communication or update your password for better security.

Access Settings Page

  • Contacting Us (Premium Feature)
    • To get in touch with us via WhatsApp, go to the settings page and click on the “Contact Us” link.
  • Email Support
    • If you prefer email, you can reach us by clicking on the “Email Support” link.
  • Accessing Company Policies
    • Under the “Policy” section, you can view and access the following company policies:
      • Terms of Use
      • Privacy Policy
      • Disclaimer
  • Logging Out
    • To log out of the application, simply click on the “Logout” link.
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