Driving Growth and Strategy as COO

Vvikas Nagwaani is a seasoned Chief Operating Officer with a relentless focus on driving growth and strategy. With over two decades of diverse professional experience, he boasts a stellar track record as a strategist, leading multi-million-dollar projects and implementing new corporate strategies across MSMEs and Fortune 500 companies. Vvikas is a firm believer in effective operational excellence and consistently strives to uphold this standard in all his endeavors.

Vvikas has spearheaded impactful projects, including the launch of India’s first express ordering system at IGI Airport and initiating profitable food delivery services for Yum Brands. He has been globally recognized for his achievements, receiving the President’s Award at a prestigious ceremony in Hawaii for exceptional customer satisfaction and innovation.

As a motivational trainer and exceptional communicator, Vvikas possesses extensive knowledge of organizational leadership and the needs of people within the workplace. His expertise spans from conceptualizing strategies to executing them comprehensively, ensuring business excellence at every stage.

Career Highlights:

Founder, Be Satvik: Spearheaded compassionate leadership initiatives during the pandemic, focusing on caring for people in crisis and business recovery.

Principal Consultant: Vvikas has served as a knowledge partner for food-tech, event-tech, and agri-tech startups, providing invaluable strategic insights to Fund Raising as part of his 0 to 1 Growth Philosophy.

Expertise with Yum Brands: Played a pivotal role in alternate business channels and restaurant excellence with Yum Brands, including groundbreaking projects and profitable initiatives.

Hospitality Veteran: With almost 1 ½ decades of experience in the hospitality industry, Vvikas has worked with esteemed brands like Fairmont, Taj Hotels, and Marriott. He has garnered numerous awards during this tenure, showcasing expertise in operations, guest experience, and leadership.

Success Highs:
Launched India’s first Express Ordering at IGI Airport, Delhi.

2016 – 2018:
Recognized by Global HR & Franchisee Award Ceremonies for exceptional customer satisfaction and innovation improvements.
Started India’s first Profitable Food Delivery with YUM Brands.

Introduced the world’s first Wellness-oriented Spiritual Marketplace as a C-Suite & Business Dev Head

Awarded Best Hotel for Mystery Audit & Employee Satisfaction.

Beyond his professional achievements, Vvikas is passionate about deciphering life lessons through spirituality. He finds inspiration in combining corporate insights with spiritual wisdom. In his leisure time, Vvikas enjoys quality moments with his family and engages in philanthropy, Reiki, and wellness advocacy.

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