Navmi Arora is a psychologist with 3+ years of work experience in detailed psychometric testing, providing counseling and therapy to individuals of varying age and genders, with stress, burnout disturbing personal or work life, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and daily life stress. She believes that anything that’s human is mentionable and can be more manageable if expressed and talked about.

Navmi has a degree in MSc Clinical Psychology.

Navmi believes in guiding her clients through life without feeling ashamed about expressing their feelings, whatever their nature may be. She believes that it takes courage to take the first step towards healing and learning about oneself.
She wants to change the perspective of people towards therapy and mental health.

Navmi believes in providing an individualized treatment plan and a psychological approach that makes sense to the client and work as a team. She emphasizes the importance of the client being involved in the process of their holistic wellness.

In her free time, Navmi enjoys reading, watching movies and traveling.

Psychometric testing, therapeutic techniques like CBT, person centric approach, DBT, Eclectic approach and
Holistic wellness.

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