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iOS Developer | Proficient in SwiftUI, Swift, Objective-C | Thoughtful, Ambivert
Hardik Trivedi is an experienced iOS Developer with a background spanning over 9 years. In addition to iOS development, he has a strong command of creating applications for tvOS and watchOS. Continuously driven to expand his skills within the Apple framework, he actively seeks opportunities for growth. As the founder of iHardikTrivedi.com, he exudes a deep enthusiasm for technology and takes great pleasure in sharing his knowledge and insights with the community.

Career Notable Points:
– Hardik is currently employed at Resiliency Program, where he initially joined as a Senior Developer. With his unwavering dedication and expertise, he has progressively taken on more responsibilities and now effectively oversees the iOS department. One of his notable achievements includes enhancing the usability of the existing product by aligning it with Apple’s design principles.

– As an experienced iOS Developer, Hardik recognized the potential of joining a startup company, where he could leverage his technical expertise and further develop his interpersonal skills. Alongside his primary role, he enthusiastically embraced additional responsibilities such as team management and overseeing the iOS department.

– Hardik embarked on his journey in iOS development by starting as a Trainee, which provided him with the opportunity to begin his path as an iOS developer. During this crucial period, he devoted himself to mastering both Objective-C and Swift. Alongside his studies, he had the privilege of working on diverse client-based and product-based applications, benefiting from the guidance and mentorship of experienced seniors.

– During his college years, Hardik acquired proficiency in various programming languages, including C, C++, Java, and C#. His passion for programming led him to undertake a captivating project in his final year, where he developed a Windows-based C#.NET application for his college’s book management system.

Know Hardik:
Beyond Hardik’s professional endeavours, he finds solace in embracing his ambivert nature. He derives contentment from staying at home, where he happily assists his family with household tasks and treasures moments of quality time spent together. Being a food enthusiast, he takes immense pleasure in preparing and cooking small, delectable dishes. Furthermore, Hardik’s love for travel is accompanied by his ambivert nature, making him selective and choosy when it comes to his travel experiences.

Connect with Hardik:
Hardik is currently leading the development of the Resiliency Program iPhone app. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the app, please feel free to reach out to him.

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