Vikas Gupta CEO of Resiliency Program

Vikas Gupta

Vikas is the co-founder and CEO of Resiliency Program. With over 25 years of experience in enterprise software product development and management, Vikas believes in cultivating self-motivated and resilient teams empowered with the desire to improve the success of his or her company
An avid cricket fan and when not in front of his laptop, he can be seen working on math problems with his daughter, watching science fiction movies and reading tech articles and publications.

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Dr. Steven Zodkoy

Dr. Zodkoy (Certified Chiropractor, Nutritionist and Kinesiologist) has been a leader in the healthcare field for over 30 years. His focus is on maximizing mental and physical function for improved health and productivity through organic means.
His Resiliency Program presented to The Pentagon lead to the creation of one of the largest alternative medical programs to treat anxiety, burnout, and PTSD for veterans.
The Resiliency Program has been adapted for government agencies, corporations, and the general public.
Dr. Zodkoy is a double board-certified nutritionist, chiropractor, and applied kinesiologist and has authored the Amazon bestselling book Misdiagnosed: The Adrenal Fatigue He practices in Freehold, NJ where he specializes in treating the "untreatable" suffering with complex physical and emotional health issues.

Siddharth Tejpal

Siddharth Tejpal

Siddharth Tejpal is Sr. Security & Cloud Architect of Resiliency Program. An engineer with around 9+ years of experience in full stack development with rich knowledge in domains in US Healthcare & HR. Strategising and thinking about complete architecture and secure products is of utmost importance.

Likes to read tech articles and to have some fun Siddharth likes to spend game time with family, enjoy a long night drive to relax, adventurous trekking & listening to soothing music.

Deepika Lalwani

Deepika Lalwani is the content strategist and content creator for Resiliency Program. With over 11 years of experience in field of Yoga, wellness and nutrition, Deepika has been helping people achieve there mental and physical fitness goals. She believes that a person can unlock his full
potential when the body is fit, and the mind is calm.

She holds a Masters degree in biotechnology, but she started teaching yoga out of pure passion. She has a 500 hour YTT certificate from Yoga Alliance International, along with a diploma in clinical nutrition and dietetics. Her workouts have been featured on TV and print media and she is a fitness influencer on instagram too with around forty five thousand followers. She won the Title of female fitness model in one of the most prestigious fitness competitions in 2020.

She has been training major corporate groups for last nine years both online and offline and has designed several employee stress management programs.

When she is not teaching or creating content, she loves to spend time with her 12 year old son and her two cats Rajma and Chawal

palak jain

Palak jain

Palak jain registered Nutrition and Diet Consultant from few past years of experience in food science. She has been a diet and nutrition coach for health enthusiasts in India and abroad. Her counselling techniques and supercharged organic meal plans have transformed many lives. The main motto is to bring out the fact that "the idea is not to eat less but to eat correct."

Eating mindfully, sleeping peacefully and exercising regularly can let you stay healthy and fit.
She believes all your dreams to get fit body can come true if you are passionate to pursue.
She loves travelling, listening music. She is a creative person and has keen interest in arts. She is well qualified as post graduate (MSc). She has also done Graphic designing and Animations as per interest.

Navmi Arora

Navmi Arora

Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.

As a psychologist, it is my motto to guide young adults and adolescents through life, without feeling ashamed about expressing their feelings, of whatever their nature may be. It is in this courage of taking the first step towards unhinging yourself, that a person really learns who they are and who their higher self can be.

I am Navmi Arora, and I hold a degree in MSc Clinical Psychology, with 3 years of work experience in detailed psychometric testing, report making and counseling individuals of varying age and genders, with stress, burnout disturbing personal or work life, anxiety, depression, relationship issues and daily life stress.

I am a firm believer in helping people with an individualised treatment plan and a psychological approach that makes most sense to them. It is imperative to me that the client be as involved in the process of their holistic wellness as I am.

Radia QA Lead


Radia is the QA lead of the Resiliency program. Multi-skilled, forward-thinking, and capable professional with 8 years of testing development experience across various domains, holds a Bachelor's degree in computer science. As John Ruskin once said, "Quality is never an accident, always the result of intelligent effort." She lives by this motto.

Radia lives in New York with her son. enjoys watching Netflix, and spending time with her pup.

Vipin Singh Sr. Software Developer

Vipin Singh

Vipin Singh is a Senior Software Developer. He has more than 6+ years of experience in the IT industry. He is skilled in Laravel, Codeigniter, PHP, Wordpress, Woocommerce, Opencart, Craft CMS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HTML, JQuery, and CSS.

He holds a Master's degree in Computer Application. He is very Curious about learning new things. When Vipin is not working Outside of work, he likes Cooking, Listening to Music and Watching Movies.

Priyanka AGM HR


Priyanka is a AGM-Human Resources of Resiliency Program and she has 8 years of experience in hard core HR roles responsibility. She is going to bring a lot of value to the company in terms of Hiring right talent and putting together robust HR policies for the benefit of the Resiliency Program employees and consultants.
She holds a Bachelor's in Political science from Delhi University and Masters degree in MBA (HR and Marketing) from Jaipur. Priyanka is a certified HR generalist. She has worked closely with various good companies in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida. Priyanka like to spend time with family , she likes cooking and reading novels

Siddiqa Misri

Siddiqa Misri

Siddiqa is an innovative Android developer with 5+ years of experience in developing, designing, testing, and maintaining Android applications in different categories. She is a very passionate Android developer with a strong background in creating Android applications from the ground up, from concept to deployment, having a strong background in object-oriented programming and software development and being well versed in the Java and Kotlin languages, the Android SDK, and various development tools, as well as maintaining clean code and reusability.

She is a self-motivated achiever with the ability to plan and execute.

Saurabh Kumar Gupta

Saurabh Kumar Gupta

I get excited about anything that involves solving problems, whether it be figuring out how to optimize a certain part of an existing application or entirely coming up with new applications to solve certain needs.

Hardik Trivedi

Hardik Trivedi

Hardik Trivedi is Sr. iOS Developer in Resiliency Program. A Computer Engineer with more than 8 years of experience in iOS application development with Objective-C & Swift both programming languages.

Hardik likes to stay at home but loves to travel like Ambivert. He's family oriented, kind hearted person who loves to connect with people. "Hardik Trivedi" is key to connect.

Prince Syaniya

Prince Syaniya

Prince Syaniya is a UX designer at Resiliency Program . A Designer with 3+ years of experience in designing and transforming B2B and B2C products. He has worked on domains like Finance, Education , Ecommerce and Healthcare.

Likes to do martial arts, listening songs, dance and spend his time in nature when he wants to feel relax.

Shilpi Chauhan Chakraborty

Shilpi Chauhan Chakraborty

Shilpi Chauhan Chakraborty is an independent graphic designer working professionally since 2007. She is a post graduate in graphic design from National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad and currently works from Kolkata, India.

Shilpi believes in developing meaningful, memorable and timeless communication solutions for her clients. Besides grey matter, she invests her heart and soul in each project!

Specialties: Logo Design, Identity, Branding, Books, Brochures, Magazines and other Print Collaterals, Environmental Graphics, Illustrations.

She has worked closely with various imminent companies in Kolkata, New Delhi, Noida, Lucknow, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Punjab, United States and Australia.

Neha Dawar

Neha Dawar

Neha Dawar is a Full-Stack Web Developer and worked as a frontend developer for Resiliency Program, and concluded that Resiliency Program is a perfect platform to maximize better performance and productivity.

Neha has a specialization in creating interactive experiences and functional interfaces using React. She gets indulged in making creative UI platforms along with strong backend support. She does focus on crafting clean and user-friendly experiences.

Kapish Kumar

Kapish Kumar

Hi, I’m Kapish Kumar, and am a UI/UX Developer for Resiliency Program. have over 1.5 years of experience in UI/UX Development. I don’t like to define myself by the work I’ve done.

I define myself by the work I want to do. Skills can be taught, personality is inherent. I prefer to keep learning, continue challenging myself and do interesting things that matter. Fueled by high energy levels and boundless enthusiasm, I’m easily inspired and more than willing to follow my fascinations wherever they take me. I’m a passionate, expressive, multi-talented spirit with a natural ability to entertain and inspire.

Deepak QA Engineer


Deepak is a QA Engineer with Resiliency Program and expertise in Manual, functional, and non-functional testing of web applications and mobile applications. He is responsible for the smooth user experience as he tested the whole platform from a user point of view. Prior to joining Resiliency Program, he has worked on various web and mobile applications with Mindrops India Pvt Ltd.