How to Increase Productivity of Employees in the Workplace

It’s no mystery that happy employees do a better job. But how do we get happy employees? That’s a big puzzle that needs to be solved!

Every organization expects high productivity and performance levels from their employees. But it is necessary to understand, employee productivity doesn’t just come on its own.

It requires practical strategies and regular efforts from employers.

How to Increase Productivity of Employees?

Here are the 10 most effective and proven ways on how to increase productivity of employees.

1. Communication

Two-way communication that involves listening rather than just dictating is the key! If you establish good communication with your employees, you can achieve high employee engagement.

When you talk to your employees, you get to know them better. You can understand their motivation level or if they are facing any barriers.

Employees also feel calm and comfortable with their work if they know they can come to you if they have any questions or concerns.

With clear communication, employees will understand their main roles and spend less time figuring out their work by themselves.

This improves overall productivity!

2. Office environment & supplies

If you want your employees to be happy and productive, then you need to create an environment where they can feel so.

Imagine working on a very serious project with a strict deadline. Now imagine having back pain throughout. Most of your time is spent thinking about the pain and trying to cope with it.

That is why it is crucial to have comfortable seats that offer good posture to the body in the office.

Distractions in the office should be minimum. Concentration can be affected by a noisy office.

Put some plants in the office to create a positive atmosphere. Have good lighting. Motivational quotes and posters can be of great help.

Make sure to keep clean water, good coffee/tea and some healthy snacks for your hardworking employees. Make them feel their work is appreciated.

3. Remove unnecessary meetings

Meetings are necessary for two-way communication between workers. Projects need to be managed and tasks need to be distributed. But too many unnecessary meetings that don’t yield any results are a waste of time and can be demotivating.

Try to have meetings that are actually important and avoid the ones that aren’t.

Smaller messages can be conveyed over email. Think practically, daily meetings especially uninformed ones just take up employees’ time preparing and stressing over them.

Have necessary planned meetings where every participant has something to gain.

4. Provide incentives

When you are worried about how to increase productivity in the workplace, you have to be willing to really put effort and invest in it.

Give your employees something to work for.

Provide incentives to workers who show more productivity and meet deadlines every time. You can hold an employee of the month contest which will motivate them to win. You can offer prizes to the winner.

You can offer two-day vacation packages to the employee that gets employee of the month 3 times a year.

5. Encourage breaks

It is not necessary for your employees to be working every second of their 8-9 hour shift. The only thing they can achieve out of this is getting tired and losing productivity as the day goes on.

Encourage taking 15-minute breaks in the office to recharge. You can have the 90-minute rule where you work for 90 minutes straight with full concentration, then take a 15-20 minutes break to recharge.

Offices like google have fun activities around where workers can go during breaks and release stress. For example table tennis rooms, nap rooms or pool tables.

This encourages a happier attitude in employees and as we know happy employees do a better job!

6. Reduce & manage burnout

The main reason for the decline in productivity of your employees may be that they are going through burnout. Employee burnout is when the extreme amount of stress or pressure at work leads the employee to feel exhausted and unable to feel motivated to work.

Burnout is detrimental to a company’s growth. It hampers employee productivity to a great extent. Stress management in the workplace is therefore very important to reduce the chances of burnout.

You can try out Employee Wellness Programs that help reduce stress and burnout in an organization. They are the most effective ways to manage stress, reduce burnout and boost employee productivity!

7. Give feedback

It is very important for your employees to know where they stand. Not knowing leads to confusion and unnecessary fear.

Give feedback often. Let them know the positives as well as the negatives. Encourage them to improve where they can. Help them solve any barriers they face regarding it.

Feedbacks are a great way to motivate people to work harder! Some people are result oriented and might work with 10 times more efficiency if they know they are being appreciated.

8. Provide the right tools & technology

There are many tasks that do not need to be done manually. We have advanced technology for them.

Regularly research new tools and technologies related to your field of work that can majorly or even slightly help out your employee’s work. This will highly help improve the productivity of employees.

For example, there are several tools available for writers online that you can provide your content team. There are several email automation software to create and sent out email templates to thousands of addresses.

Make use of technology and make tasks simpler.

9. Allow remote work

The pandemic has brought us this new way of working from home that almost every company has adopted. Studies show that employees who do remote work show more productivity.

Remote work saves travel time and energy. Employees can feel more relaxed.

Employees are also prone to take fewer sick leaves at home as they can manage it easily, which means more work days.

10. Celebrate achievements & praise employees

It is very crucial for your employees to feel that their work is being recognized and appreciated. Praise your hard-working employees regularly. Let them know how appreciated their dedication is. If their hard work is appreciated, you will definitely see more of it often.

It can be demotivating for workers if they never hear of the results their work has brought. Don’t keep them in the dark. Let them know of their achievements. Celebrate with the team when important goals are achieved successfully.

This concludes our list of ways on how to increase the productivity of employees in the workplace.

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