Employee Wellness Programs

Happy employees mean more productivity, more efficiency & less absenteeism

Are you a manager or a human resource employee? Are you tired of working with burnout employees? Do you want to help your employees succeed and stay healthy at the same time? Stressed and burnout employees are detrimental to your company. Any business can succeed if its workers are content and happy. It leads to more growth, substantial returns, and greater profits.

Employee wellness programs are designed to help your employees achieve their peak performance while still getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and eating properly.

What Are Employee Wellness Programs?

Employee wellness programs are referred to as employee health and wellness programs. These programs are designed to evaluate the level of stress and burnout in an organization to help employees achieve the most productivity. By leveraging lifestyle changes, work environment changes, nutritional supplements and mindfulness training, employees can achieve their peak performance.

It is not uncommon for organizations to have employees dealing with exhaustion due to work pressure and a fast-paced work environment. Since work is such a major part of our lives, it is not sustainable for the employee or the organization to work with stress and low motivation.

Employee wellness programs are an initiative that has grown in popularity, with good reason. While initially introduced as a way to help employees stay healthy and fit, they quickly expanded beyond that. Today there are a variety of corporate wellness programs available both at the national and international levels. From yoga classes to meditation retreats, these programs aim to improve workers’ overall well-being by offering various types of activities that can help them manage stress, anxiety and depression.

Why you Should Invest in an Employee Wellness Program?

Are corporate wellness programs needed? How useful are they?

Employees undoubtedly are a company’s most valuable asset. Investing in their good health is perhaps one of the most important ways to spend money.

If your employees are unhappy, they are under a lot of stress and pressure due to their work, ultimately it is going to lead to burnout! Employee burnout is when an employee feels exhausted from continuous work pressure and becomes dissatisfied. He then loses motivation to work.

This leads to low productivity in his/her work and more unplanned leaves. he/she is more likely to leave the job in the future.

If many employees in the company are dealing with such issues, it will hamper the overall productivity and growth of the company. This leads to absenteeism. Retaining employees becomes harder as more and more workers may want to quit.

World Health Organization(WHO) has declared workplace burnout an occupational phenomenon. Workplace burnout impacts heavily on organizations. The future of the company is also at risk if the employees feel unhappy and leave.

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Benefits of the Employee Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness programs come to your rescue! These programs aim to reduce overall stress & burnout in the workplace and help employees be at their best efficiency. They do this by leveraging technology with lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements and mindfulness training.

Here are some specific benefits of employee wellness programs.

More productivity in employees

Workers who will eat better, exercise regularly and practice mindfulness will feel happier. They will show more resilience to stress and pressure at their workplace, therefore their work will show a more positive impact as well. Productivity and efficiency will surely keep improving. Improved mood swings of management will also impact positively and create a healthy workplace.

Reduced absenteeism

Generally, employees take more and more leaves if they are feeling stressed or unhappy at their workplace. A better condition of employee mental health will severely reduce absenteeism, which means more working days and more productivity each day!

High employee morale

If you invest in a corporate wellness program, your employees will feel appreciated and valued. They will feel cared for which will build high employee morale. This leads to a more enthusiastic and energetic workforce.

More recruitment

Better reviews and word of mouth about the working culture will bring more recruitment. More candidates will be interested in working at an organization that has a corporate wellness program! When applying, candidates are very interested to know what extra benefits the organization offers. Having wellness programs that inculcate several well-being activities will act as a plus point and attract new talent.

Better employee turnover

If workers are happy and able to work regularly without any issues, they are much more likely to stay in the company. You can keep your hard-working employee for longer. This helps in improving the employee turnover rate in the company.

The Resiliency Program

Resiliency Program is an Employee Wellness Program that addresses the reality of workplace burnout with an insightful, thoughtful and scientific approach. The program evaluates the resilience of employees in a company and provides a personalised action plan to improve resilience and reduce burnout.

The primary goal is to use technology to support individuals and communities in recognising, accepting, and combating burnout syndrome. This includes combining it with dietary changes, mindfulness training, and nutritional supplements.


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