Our Focus

Our focus is on leveraging technology in combination with lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements and mindfulness training to help individuals and groups recognize, accept and take action against Burnout Syndrome.

The Resiliency Program improves the performance and happiness of the engaged individuals through the power of resilience. Our company culture offers a positive, team-based, fast-paced environment that’s grounded in the values we promote.

Our goal is a more productive and happier community.

Productive and Happier Community
Our Focus
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Our Focus

Our Story

The Resiliency Program is one of the first Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) in the United States. As a PBC we state upfront and foremost that our mission is to improve the health and productivity of our participants, our community, and our corporate partners.

The Resiliency Program is a union between two leaders in their prospective fields. Dr. Steven Zodkoy has been at the forefront of maximizing physical and mental performance through natural methodologies. Vikas Gupta has advanced the use of technology to improve the personal satisfaction of users.

The Resiliency Program has been utilized at the Pentagon, The War Related Illness and Injury Study Centers, and across the globe. Its efficacy has been acknowledged at the highest level of the military.

Resiliency Program
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The Solution

The Resiliency Program is the only technology Platform specifically built to measure, analyze and create a resiliency plan to decrease burnout syndrome and drive a culture of well-being. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) technology solution helps achieve resiliency amongst employees, their families and organizations to provide a positive ROI.